Maritime Transportation
Surface Transportation
Transportation and Environment

• US Aviation Industry
• Aviation Security
• The Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act
• The Aviation and Transportation Security Act
• International Aviation Scheme
• EU Policy on Civil Aviation and Environment
• EU Policy towards Creating the TCAA
• EU Common Rules in the Field of Civil Aviation Security
• Single European Sky
• U.S. & EU Slot Allocation Rules in Major Airports
• U.S. & EU Aviation War Risk Insurance
• Maritime and Port Security
• The New Shipping Reform Act
• The Harbor Maintenance Tax Proposal
• International Maritime Transportation Market Trends
• Post "ERIKA"
• EU Competition Policy on Maritime Transport
• Surface Transportation Security
• The New “TEA-21” Authorization Act
• Review of Hours-of-Services for Truck Drivers
• The State of Major Freight Railroads
• The Impact of Information Technology on the Logistics Industry
• Amtrak Reform

• Green Logistics
• Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
• Counter Measures to Global Warning Caused by the Promotion of Mortarization in Developing Countries
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